Key Alternate Historical Events

• April 8, 1943: George Carpenter is shot through the heart in Tunisia by a German sniper. Five days later he wakes up, completely healed and can’t remember what happened. He adopts the identity Atlas, and is recognized the world over as the first modern superhuman.

• December 12, 1943: The American hero, Atlas, forms the Allied Heroes [disbanded], and leads them against key German targets, hastening the end of the war through the first notable use of superhuman power in a military situation.

• January 31, 1944: The German hero, Doctor Baum, develops a weapon called the deep sleep machine, temporarily disabling all Allied Heroes and Allied soldiers except for Atlas. Atlas manages to destroy the machine, but not before thousands of Allied soldiers are killed.

• February 2, 1944: Adolph Hitler and Dr. Baum are captured by Atlas and the infuriated members of the Allied Heroes. Other key members of the German high command are killed or captured in the process. They are then transported back to Britain to await trial for war crimes.

• February 10, 1944: The German forces surrender, overwhelmed by the combined force of the Allied Heroes, and the lack of military leadership.

• February 24, 1944: The US provides the Japanese with a demonstration of Atlas’ power, the results of this test are not disclosed to the public.

• February 25, 1944: Japan surrenders to the Allied forces.

• June 10, 1944: Atlas gives a speech before congress, provided by the Superhuman Rights Society, lobbying them to amend the constitution to ensure equal rights under the law for superhumans. The amendment does not succeed due to limited public support.

• August 15, 1944: Dr. Baum escapes his cell the day before his trial, leaving a note saying that he regrets the lives lost due to his creations, but will not stand trial while he is condemned for being a patriot.

• February 10, 1945: One year after the end of the war, Adolf Hitler is executed by firing squad. His remains are then incinerated, and kept in a secure location.

• November 9, 1950: The Allied Heroes [disbanded] are disbanded when the Russian hero, Mother Night, kills a French hero, Jon de Ark.

• December 15, 1950: War between the New Allies and the USSR is declared. The First Hero War relies almost solely on the use of superhumans. Only five hundred total non-meta casualties are reported.

• January 8, 1951: US Congress passes the Heroism on the Homefront Act. This bill grants licensed and trained superhumans the right to act in a law enforcement capacity, when such actions are in the clear interest of the public good.

• February 20, 1951: The first extraterrestrial life form reaches Earth. It quickly adopts the mannerisms and speech of a human, identifying itself as Mourning. It joins the USSR in its fight against the encroaching New Allies, and proceeds to turn the tide using its powerful technology.

• June 15, 1952: Rose, Lightsmith’s wife, is shot and killed by a Russian soldier using one of Mourning’s powerful weapons. Lightsmith lashes out in rage, killing the soldier and four hundred and twenty five others in the course of a single day.

• June 16, 1952: The USSR surrenders, after they recognize the danger an enraged Lightsmith will put them in after the devastation he causes in St. Petersburg. Lightsmith is restrained and eventually give a dishonorable discharge from the US Army.

• July 22, 1952: Lightsmith founds the Superhumans for Global Unity [disbanded]. Many superhumans and non-supers join after seeing many of their national heroes die during the First Hero War.

• October 4, 1952: A conflict between different factions in Korea results in the Second Hero War, lasting only five days, but costing one hundred thousand civilian lives. This conflict also created a physical rift between North and South Korea, marking the first time in recorded history a superhuman altered global geography with their abilities.

• July 18, 1960: The 23rd Amendment is passed in Congress, declaring superhumans and nationalized extraterrestrials to be granted all rights under the law.

• July 5, 1961: Atlas leaves the US Army, and joins the SGU in hopes of preventing a third superhuman war in Vietnam.

• July 29, 1961: The SGU fails in its non-violent protest against entering Vietnam, and the Badbody Massacre begins. Over the next seven years, the superhuman soldier Dwayne Bobody kills over seven hundred thousand men, women, and children in Vietnam using his self-proclaimed ‘Fireworks.’

• December 31, 1968: The devastation brought on by the Badbody Massacre leads to Vietnam surrendering to the US. This date also marks the official disbandment of the SGU.

• March 16, 1974: The threat of war between superhumans in North Korea and South Korea leads to Atlas and many other superhumans/extraterrestrials coming together to form the World Legion, a forceful peacekeeping group with the intent of prevent non-meta and meta conflict on a military scale.

• March 24, 1974: The World Legion deploys superhumans to North Korea and South Korea to non-lethally restrain their superhuman and non-meta forces. This draws their conflict to an end, and shows the World Legion as a new global power.

• September 9, 1978: Dr. Baum sends a message to major television and radio stations across the globe saying that he is ready to make amends for the crimes he committed during WWII. He says that he has founded a community for superhumans and extraterrestrials alike on the dark side of the moon, offering it as a safe haven for persecuted superhumans.

• April 28, 1980: Public protest turns to rioting in New York over the Heroism on the Homefront Act. The acts of superhumans acting as a world police and local police have put many governments and local police branches on edge.

• November 1, 1980: The Heroism on the Homefront Act is repealed, making superhuman crime fighting into vigilantism.

• December 31, 1980: During a charity performance, Atlas tests his physical limits in public for the first time in over 30 years, he momentarily loses control of his strength and sets of an earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale. This causes great concern among both the superhuman and non-meta community.

• February 14, 1994: The Saint Valentine Slaughter takes place. A superhuman murders thirty children during a Valentine’s Day dance. This creates public outcry, with many demanding strict government controls of superhuman activity.

• April 12, 1994: The lynching of a twelve year old superhuman is prevented by The Citadel Knights, Dr. Baum’s superhuman protection force.

• July 13, 2012: The Defense of Security Act enters congress. If passed this bill will impose harsh regulations on superhumans, requiring registration, constant supervision, and above all it will declare the World Legion a military body, and a rogue nation, entitling the US to take military action against them if it is needed.


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