Superhuman and Extraterrestrial Organizations

The World Legion: The most prominent superhuman organization operating openly. This group was established in 1974, during an escalation of military forces between North and South Korea. The group prevented the two nations from going to war through the threat of intervention by other superhumans. The organization continues today, acting as an indiscriminate global peacekeeping force, and as one of the only global presences capable of responding to rogue superhuman activity. Though their actions have created a more peaceful world, they have always been under heavy criticism for their actions.

They were founded by six of the most prominent superheroes of the 60’s and 70’s, and are now lead by Atlas, Lightsmith, Bandit, the White Knight, and Shade.

The Citadel: The Citadel is a superhuman and extraterrestrial organization founded to protect superhumans from a more anti-super focused society. They are lead by the reformed Doctor Baum and have been active since 1978. Their main goal is to provide a place where persecuted superhumans can be among their own kind. They have a technologically advanced lunar colony, and all activities within are kept secret. The majority of those recruited to the Citadel have been younger and often taken in shortly after discovering their superhuman nature.

The Citadel itself is divided into multiple branches: the Champions, who act as the Citadel’s governing body, the Teachers, who act as the historians and educators for the Citadel and its youth, and the Knights, who act as recruiters and the military arm of the Citadel.

Human Organizations

Citizens for Global Freedom: This group was formed from multiple smaller groups who sprung up in the 70’s and 80’s in response to the Global Legion. Most of their activities have been limited to petitioning government for stricter legislation regarding superhumans, including the proposed Defense of Security Act. Their first documented acts of violence against superhumans were after the Saint Valentine Slaughter and resulted in the death of two superhumans and the hospitalization of four others.


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