Name: George Carpenter (publicly known, but not commonly used)

Alias: Atlas

Date of Birth: January 15, 1923

Date of Death: N/A

Abilities: Enhanced Cellular Regeneration, Superhuman Strength (Highest on Record), Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Senses, Superhuman Immune System, Super dense body structure.

Notable Affiliations: The World Legion (Leader), The Superhuman Rights Society (Spokesperson), The Allied Heroes [Disbanded] (Leader), Superhumans For Global Unity [Disbanded] (Senior Member).

Biographical Summary: George Carpenter was raised in a poor family in southern Virginia. Despite being a victim of racism and abuse throughout his life, he was eager to serve his country, and when the US entered WWII he volunteered as soon as possible. His powers manifested after suffering what should have been a fatal bullet wound. After recovering from the wound, Atlas and the world at large discovered the presence of superhumans.

Due to the public prestige his military serve earned him, Atlas was made into the poster child for the US Army, as well as acting as the voice for other social groups looking to take advantage of his fame.

Atlas remained in the military through the Second Hero War, but when war in Vietnam seemed inevitable, he resigned his military post and joined the SGU in hopes of preventing another superhuman war. After the failure of the SGU, Atlas worked with its former leaders to form the World Legion, and has been acting as their leader ever since.

The unique nature of Atlas’ abilities has prevented him from having children, and the effective immortality given to him has made long term relationships nearly impossible. His dedication to preventing another global crisis has persisted despite the public criticism the World Legion is under.



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